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BioShake - a scientific innovation for laboratories

Enjoy a perfectly design of BioShake adapters & thermoblocks

High-speed mixing for every laboratory

BioShake XP

BioShake XP

The bench-top shaker for precise mixing of biological samples.

When you see the BioShake XP in action, you’ll understand why it is now one of the most popular plate shakers in Europe. With a footprint no bigger than 2 microplates side-by-side, its near indestructible design promises years of hassle free mixing. 

Buckle in your plates, they’re in for a satisfying ride.

Microplate mixing technology

QInstruments offers a wide range of patented, high-quality, durable and dependable
temperature control & mixing instruments to cover all requirements.

BioShake iQ

The microplate thermoshaker

For precise control of speed and temperature in a small package, the BioShake iQ has no equal. Boasting the same mixing mechanics as the XP, the iQ adds the popular feature of full thermal control over the shaking samples.

Compact and stylish designed, the BioShake iQ high-speed thermoshaker lets you perform all your standard runs with a minimum of adjustments & offers outstanding performance.

BioShake iQ

Powerful mixing technology

The most powerful technology, yet. Fully adjustable between 200 and 3,000 rpm.

Unique design

First-class finished aluminium housing results in beautiful and well-defined laboratory equipment

Homogeneous heating

Precise temperature control is achieved in range of RT up to 99°C

Exchangeable thermo adapter

Whether you have microplates, tubes, or vials you can process all your samples on this device.

Change the way you mix microplates.

For those who prefer technical perfection and functional design, BioShake mixing instruments are the perfect choice.

Check out the full scope of speed and intelligence.

BioShake iQ
BioShake iQ

Innovative technology

saves maximum process reliability & precise reproducibility. 

Samples mix completely in a fraction of the time.

A breakthrough design

20 years of experience in the field of mixing and temperature control, and continuous further development, have made their mark in this generation of products.

Exchangeable Thermoblocks

Exchangeable Thermoblocks

limited to use with BioShake iQ & XP.

Perfect shaped adapter design supports optimal temperature transfer within your sample to receive excellent results.